Almost Vegan Dinner


Mucho’s Vegan Curry

Ever wondered what to cook when you invite a vegan friend to a dinner party full of meat eaters?

My first thought was “vegan for everyone”.  But the thought of being over imposing was unbearable. With that said, I thought “ two separate dishes”… but prep, dish washing , and dealing with my toddler considered was already enough for my knackered brain.

I had 5 guests including 1 vegan and one wannabe pescetarian (me!). So I decided to order a range of recipes from my Mucho App and decide after: 2 vegan, 1 Veggie and 2 healthy pescetarian was my order. Once I had all the ingredients delivered I realised I could just combine a couple of recipes and tada! the Vegan Curry with fish was born. Simple run of thumb: cook a vegan version of your final dish first and the just top it up, PERFECT!

I cooked the Vegan Curry recipe in the app, added the pan fried tofu squares the veggie recipe, and once the curry was ready, I set the vegan option aside and steamed the pieces of fish for another 10 minutes inside the curry pot.

I drizzled lime, and served everything with white basmati rice topped it with coriander, cashews & pumping seeds.

I had a bit of leftover frozen chilli and a couple of spicy food nutters on the table, so I also steamed the chilli for 2 minutes and served it with Mirin.

It was a huge success! Everyone enjoyed their meal and the feeling that all of us were eating out of the same dish was freaking awesome 🙂  What is best, I used what I had at home, and no double washing.

*Woomly Note: To all those looking to enhance fertility both vegan and fish curry would be a perfect addition to your diet, mixe it up with Fertility Yoga classes for better results.


Salmon Bake

Salmon Bake with shallots, peppers and brussel sprouts 


  • Oven proof Glass tray
  • Knife
  • Cutting Board
  • Rice
  • Medium size pot & fork

Ingredients 2/3 servings

  • 2/3 Salmon fillets
  • Organic Brussel spouts
  • 1 Shallot onions
  • 4 Garlic cloves
  • 1 Organic Romano pepper
  • 1/2 pack organic baby plum tomatoes
  • Sea Salt
  • Cayenne Pepper (optional if you like spicy food
  • Cumin
  • Black pepper
  • Oregano
  • Coconut Oil


  • 1 Cup Wholegrain Basmati Rice (Tilda)
  • 3 Cups Water
  • Pinch Sea Salt
  • 1/2 tsp coconut oil
  1. Pre-heat the oven 200 C.
  2. Cut shallots in quarters & peppers in squares. Add 1/3 oil into the tray and then place salmon & vegetables on it.
  3. Toss the rest of the oil on top, then add salt, black &/or cayend pepper, oregano & cumin. Oven bake for 25-30 minutes.
  4. In the mean time prepare the rice. 3 cups of water for 1 cup of whole grain rice.
  5. Wash the rice with cold water and use a sieve to discard that water. In a medium pot bring 3 cups of water to a boil, add salt & oil. Add the cup of washed rice and wait until the water is almost evaporated and there sre holes in the rice. Turn the stove down to low and cover with a lit.
  6. Use a fork to move the rice and taste the consistency. Taste and you will know when its to the point.
  7. Remove the baking tray from the oven and serve everything on top of the rice 🙂 enjoy


Blueberry & Strawberry Oat Smoothie

I truly believe sundays are for smoothies! 

Blend (1 servings)
10-15 blueberries 

5 strawberries

1/2 cup almond milk

2 tablespoons of oats

1 teaspoon hepm powder 

Add more almond milk if you prefer 😉 

Top with
Chia seeds and blueberries 



Butternut Squach Ginger and Pecans

We love butternut squach! Yes me and everyone else haha there are so many great recipes to cook but my all time favourite is a roasted buternut squach soup, this time I added ginger and stir fried pecans 👌🏼 this is a #vegan recipe but if you prefer add greek yougourt to serve. Will bring up the taste ans it looks quite nice 😉

Ingredients 2-3 servings

  • One medium butter squach 
  • One tablespoon of ginger (two is you really love it)
  • One white onion
  • One clove of garlic
  • 7 pecans per serving
  • Salt and pepper
  • Chilli flakes and greek yogurt (optional)


Find it soon at Mucho


King Prawn Avocado Ceviche

Ingredients: ▶️1K King Prawns

▶️ Juice of 10 lemons

▶️1 1/2 red onions finely choped
Mix this 👆🏽 ingredientes in a glass food storage container and put them in the fridge the night before.

▶️ 250 ml Organic Ketchup

▶️ Tabasco

▶️ Sea Salt

▶️ Black pepper

▶️ 3 of parsley just to decorate or coriander if you prefer

▶️ 1 Medium Avocado

#Prepare the ceviche for lunch adding the Organic ketchup & tabasco, salt and pepper to taste. Decorate with squares of a ocado and herbs. 
Enjoy it as a starter or main.


5 Foods and Nutrition Recommendations That Enhance Your Natural Fertility

5 Foods & Nutrition Recommendations That Enhance Your Natural Fertility

There are a number of ways to enhance fertility naturally. Fertility Yoga is one of them it helps you relax (& reduce stress) which can lead to balancing your body and hormones (read more); likewise nutrition is a key factor…

As a Health and Fertility coach I would give you 5 recommendations:

  1. Add fibre and vitamins (vitamins C & B mainly) to your diet: vegetables, fruits and whole grains
  2. Incorporate more vegetarian sources of iron: nuts, seeds, whole grains, tofu and legumes
  3. Increase intake of vegetable protein and lower animal protein
  4. Stop consuming low-fat or fat free dairy. A Harvard University study showed that women who ate more than two portions a day of low-fat dairy foods were 85 percent more likely to be infertile due to ovulatory disorders than those who only ate it less than once a week.
  5. Increase the intake of mono-saturated fats (like avocado, olive oil, coconut oil, etc.) and decrease the intake of Trans/saturated fats (like dairy butter, greasy meat, cheddar cheese, etc.)

Fertility issues can be a consequence of malnutrition; being overweight or underweight can affect your chances of conceiving.

The 5 Foods That Enhance Your Natural Fertility are:

  1. Avocado: Eat one avocado a day. Research has shown that the consumption of salad with avocado and olive oil mixture can help women to get pregnant.
  2. Broccoli & broccoli leafs: This is a super fertility food, it contains a fibre and compounds (calcium, manganese, folic acid, etc.) that helps balancing hormones.
  3. Artichokes: They are low in calories and fat, but high in vitamins and folic acid. Additionally they where a symbol of fertility in ancient Egypt.
  4. Almonds: Adds good & healthy fats (monosaturated) to your diet and contains Zinc which is crucial for conception. They are a symbol of fertility[1] and this is why they are a tradition in weddings of different religion and traditions.
  5. Spinach: Rich in in Folic acid (1 cup = 263 mcg of folate (65% DV)), Manganese and Iron. Prefer raw organic spinach since it will give you far more nutrients than boiled or steamed.

Try to avoid excess caffeine and alcohol

This also applies to those couples undergoing IVF (in-vitro fertilization).

It takes two to tango, men are also in this equation so this 5 foods will also enhance male fertility (including sperm count): “Men who are looking to have a baby also have a responsibility to maintain a healthy body weight and consume a balanced diet, because male obesity may affect fertility by altering testosterone and other hormone levels,” Schantz said [2]

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Nina Tascon-Pink (@birthyogamama)

Fertility, Birth & Health Coach

Yoga Teacher

[1] Thomas, Robert B. (1997) Jordan almonds likely a fertility symbol,

[2] Schantz, Brooke (2013), Loyola University Health System,

Vegan Raw Bolognese on Gnocchi & Salad

This recepe is easy and ideal for everyone in the family, even meat eater love it! So for them try serving it with out saying what it is and then they will be simply amazed by the rich flavours and the soaked walnuts give it a wonderful chewy ‘meaty’ texture similar to traditional bolognese. Ingredients 3-4 Servings

  • 200 Ml of Tomato Passata
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 1/2 red chilli (optional)
  • 1 sprig rosemary
  • Small handful parsley
  • 2 handfuls fresh basil leaves
  • ½  red pepper
  • ½ red onion
  • 50g sun-dried tomatoes
  • 100g Walnuts
  • 250 Gr Gnocchi
  • 200 gr Rocket Lettuce
  • 150 gr Plum Tomatoes
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Sea Salt & Pepper
  • 1/2 Lemon
  • Balsamic Vinegar
Vegan Bollognese Gnocci
Soak the Walnuts overnight on over 200ml of water (enough to cover them) and place them the fridge.
Bolognesse Preparation 3 Minutes:
Place the garlic, rosemary and chilli in the bowl of a food processor and blitz until finely chopped. Blend the soaked Walnuts and Sun-dried tomatoes with extra virgil, add pepper and onion and blend more, add the passata at the end and stir.
Add a hint of pepper and sea salt.
Cook the Gnocchi  in boiling water for 2-3 Minutes
Add a Rocket Leave and Plum tomatoes side dish with balsamic/olive oil and lemon dressing. Add Salt and pepper to taste. Top it with seads or quinoa puffs if available.

Broccoli and Pepper Brown Spaguetti

I love pasta! I think I have some Italian in me. Last year I was fortunate to spend one month in Italy, and yes, I ate pasta everyday 🙂 It was a dream come true LOL. When I was a kid I asked for pasta every day and my father said that it was unhealthy to eat so much pasta, crying and upset I use to run into my room and shouted “I should have been born in Italy, italian kids eat pasta every day”.

Well now a days we eat pasta twice o three times a week, and we prefer brown organic kind or sometimes gnocchi.

I prepared with the veggies that I had in my fridge:

– broccoli
– sweet peppers
– 1 clove of garlic

Using olive oil, stir fried them on a medium heat.

Boil the water add a bit of sea salt and olive oil. Add Biona Organic Brown Pasta to cook for 5 mins.

Strain the pasta when “Al-dente” not so soft neither hard. Place it on a bowl and add olive oil (2 table spoons per serving)

Serve the veggies on top of the Spaghetti.

Add parmegiano reggiano you eat dairy


Quinoa, Peppers and Avocado

Now that is a bit chilli in London (just like the weather in Bogota, Colombia or Quito Ecuador), we enjoy warm delicious, healthy comfort food. This Quinoa es perfect to invite friends over for dinner or surprise your partner or kids with something colourful, filling and tasty.

Ingredients for 3 servings:

3 Small Sweet Peppers (Preferably Yellow, Red and Orange or Green the colours are essential for this recipe)
1 clove of garlic
2 tablespoons of olive oil
2 carrots
1 avocado
30 grams of pine nuts
200 grams of Quinoa
Parley or Corianderquino, peepper ,avocado, green leafs, balsamic

Cut pepper into julienne type pieces, carrots into small squares, and finely chop the garlic. Add the olive oil into a sauce pan, then fry garlic for 1 minute then stir fry peppers and carrots  for 5 minutes in medium heat, add pinenuts and stirfry for anothr 5-7 minutes.

In the mean time cook quinoa just like you cook Rice, two measurements of water for one of quinoa. Wash quinoa in at least 3 changes of water, rubbing grains and letting them settle before pouring off water, until water runs clear. Drain in a large sieve. Add quinoa to a separate pot of boiling salted water and cook 10 minutes, bottom layer of water vaporises. Move quinoa with a fork and then bring the stove to a low heat and cover it with a lid.

When ready add it to the sauce pan with the veggies and mix them all. Top it with parsley or coriander and avocado squares leaves for taste and decoration. Add salt and pepper. If you like spicy food add chilli flakes.

Family Pizza Party

This is a really fun way to spend an afternoon. Making your own pizza is always FUN and its healthier than a delivery.

We spend a lovely evening with four amazing souls: Kika, Dani, Matias and Sam, two aming boys and their parents. Thank you for inviting us to your home, we love you guys! Let’s do it again soon!

Toppings: Add passata (tomato paste), veggies, cheese (or vegan cheese) and anything you like 🙂

This is not gluten free  😉

* Vegans please use a vegan cheese or simply cook it with out cheese and add many tomatoes.

Pizza Dough Ingredients


  • 800g strong white bread flour or Tipo ’00’ flour, plus 200g finely ground polenta flour

  • 1 teaspoon fine sea salt

  • 2 x 7 g dried yeast sachets

  • 1 tablespoon golden caster sugar

  • 4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

  • 650 ml lukewarm water

Preparation based on the Master Jamie Oliver (


Make sure that the white bread flour it’s a strong one that’s high in gluten, as this will transform into a lovely, elastic dough, which is what you want. Mix in some semolina flour for a bit of colour and flavour if you like.

Sieve the flour/s and salt on to a big bowl and make a well in the middle. In a jug, mix the yeast, sugar and olive oil into the water and leave for a few minutes inside a warm place, then pour into the well. Using a fork, bring the flour in gradually from the sides and swirl it into the liquid. Keep mixing, drawing larger amounts of flour in, and when it all starts to come together, work the rest of the flour in with your clean, flour-dusted hands. Knead & knead until you have a smooth elactic dough.

Place the ball of dough in a large flour-dusted bowl and flour the top of it. Cover the bowl with a damp cloth (or cling film) and place in a warm room for about an hour until the dough has doubled in size.

Now remove the dough to a flour-dusted surface and knead it around a bit to push the air out with your hands – this is called knocking back the dough. You can either use it immediately, or keep it, wrapped in clingfilm, in the fridge (or freezer) until required. If using straight away, divide the dough up into as many little balls as you want to make pizzas – this amount of dough is enough to make about six to eight medium pizzas.

Timing-wise, it’s a good idea to roll the pizzas out about 15 to 20 minutes before you want to cook them. Don’t roll them out and leave them hanging around for a few hours, though – if you are working in advance like this it’s better to leave your dough, covered with clingfilm, in the fridge. However, if you want to get them rolled out so there’s one less thing to do when your guests are round, simply roll the dough out into rough circles, about 0.5cm thick, and place them on slightly larger pieces of olive-oil-rubbed and flour-dusted tinfoil. You can then stack the pizzas, cover them with clingfilm, and pop them into the fridge.

Pre heat the oven 180 C.

This is when the most FUN starts. Place it on a metallic oven tray and ask your familly to pich it with a fork everywhere before adding all their favourite toppings and tomato paste, so that the dough stays thin and crispy. Leave it for 10-15 minutes and ENJOY


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