As a Birth Doula, working in London, the role is to protect the best optimal environment in order for you to give birth by at best. Protecting your privacy, helping you to feel safe, secure and relaxed with what ever comfort measures work for you, and to also support your partner so they can be fully there for you emotionally and physically.

“As a doula I take my lead by my clients wishes, by listening and providing relevant information when asked, so you can make informed choices helping you to feel empowered in your decision making. My support is practical and emotional. I am not there to replace the medical professionals involved in childbirth, such as doctors and midwives; I work alongside them, helping to facilitate your communication with them, if appropriate.” Nina Tascon

Research shows that the support provided by Doulas can significantly shorten labour, decrease the need for medical pain relief, and also help minimise the risk of postnatal depression. If you live in London Zones 1 & 2 I will be able to reach you in an hour or less. Contact me for details

 As a birth Doula UK located in London

  • Support in English and/or Spanish (Ingles y Español)
  • A minimum of two antenatal sessions lasting around two hours, and check-ins by phone or email on an as and when basis.
  • Being on call for the month around your due date and will never be more than an hour away from you, and phone will be on 24/7 at this time for you.
  • Support and protection during  labour as a doula (whenever you decide that you want me to join you and I will stay with you all the way through and for the first few hours afterwards).
  • 2 Postnatal visits & will come immediately if you need help with an emergency.
  • Reduced rate antenatal and postnatal yoga sessions and Active Birth workshop for you and your companion (if you which to include him/her). This session will be included if you are taking the prenatal & postnatal yoga sessions.

Doula services both in english and/or spanish.

More information about pre & postnatal doula


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