Fertility Online Coaching

I work with women through to support their fertility journey with natural therapies. I provide coaching and fertility yoga sessions. After our fertility sessions, you will feel relaxed and positive about your journey, your health will improve and your priority will be self-love.

Trough our sessions I will help you to

  • Connect with your body and feminine energy of creation.
  • Understand and take control of stress, anxiety and trauma.
  • Focus on self-love and give steps to making yourself a priority.
  • Feel in control of your fertility journey.
  • Feel strong, happy and empowered about your desitions and destiny.
  • Strengthen your relationship both with yourself and your partner.

Video Call one-one via Skype, GoogleHangouts or Appear.In
Coaching & Yoga  Video Call Mix Face-Face & Video
1 Fertility Yoga £70 £90
6 Fertility Yoga £400 £500
2 Coaching + 4 yoga sessions £500 £520

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