Family Yoga & Yoga Parties

A fun and healthy playful way to spend quality time with your kids and combine physical exercise with family togetherness.  Family Yoga teaches simple sequencing, games and partner poses the whole family will love. Parents may be amazed at the abilities of their kids.

It’s all about having fun as a family whilst doing yoga. For kids ages 3 and up including parents, caregivers or any other of the family members. Sessions consist of yoga poses, games, adventures and relaxation.

Children Party Entreatment & Events 
Choose your theme: animals, monsters, fairies, superheroes, mermaids, under the sea, Frozen, shapes, travelling around the world…
Book your party

Private Family Yoga Session
1 Session – Up to 4 people – £70
4 Sessions – £260
* Add + £10 for any extra adult or kid.
**Sessions will be held at your home or any place of preference i.e A park or I can hire a room for circa £25

Kids Only – 45 Minutes
Less than 20 kids: £80
20-30 kids: £120
Family – 1 Hour
0-10 Adults & Kids: £120
10-20 Adults & Kids: £180
20 – 30 Adults & Kids: £250 (assistant teacher required)
30+ Adults & Kids: £350 (assistant teacher required)
Grown-ups Only – Hatha Vinyasa 1:15 Hour Session
0-10 Adults : £100
(add £20 for every +4)
 *If someone has an injury or a medical condition please be mindful of your movements. You don’t have to follow all my instructions to the dot. Yoga its about finding what is best for you and feeling good!
* Terms & Conditions
– Session duration may vary depending on the crowd (age, attention spam, etc) – from 35 mins for toddlers to 1:15 hrs for adults & families.
– Make sure this is the only entertainment activity going on at the time at the party to avoid distraction and keep mindful.
– You can bring mats or rent them from me for £4 per unit, bare-in-mind that usually we can just all do it on the floor if its clean. 
– Book parties paying 50% of the total fee and a total payment for private family sessions. You could move the date/time of the class with 72 hours notice & only if the new date fits in our schedule.

Photo Gallery

Toddler Yoga Party

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 Kids & Family Yoga Party

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Yoga Parties for Grown-ups

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