Fertility Yoga

Fertility Yoga is for women looking to conceive, or on those undergoing fertility treatments or IVF, also for women who have just conceived (0-14 weeks of pregnancy) and for all of those women who want to keep their womb fertile and alive.


Fertility Yoga acts to naturally stimulate ovarian function and enhance womb ecology, i.e. the creation of an optimal womb environment. A variety of body, mind and spirit resources are drawn from yoga to help women cope with the stress associated with uncertainties around this time and to increase the ability to self-nurture in preparation for motherhood.

Through these sessions, we create a relaxing and nurturing environment to promote a healthy balance in the entire body. It provides a time of reflection and calm.

Contact me for more information info@woomly.london


  • Areas: London Zones 1 & 2
  • Classes are planned for 1 hour but could end 15 mins past the hour.
  • You get a FREE class when referring someone that books a block of classes.
  • Block of classes must be paid in advance. You can pay by cash, bank transfer or PayPal

Terms & Conditions:
Cancellation Policy

  • You can cancel one (1) appointment with no charge up to twenty-four (24) hours before your booking (same deal on my side).
  • The second session cancelled you will pay for costs with £40 (including childcare & booking fee)
  • After the third session cancelled you will be charged for the full session.

You are expected to schedule at least one class a week. If you are going on holidays or travelling for work please let me know in advance.

Private fertility yoga sessions are charged as a block of 4 or 8 classes at a place of your choosing. So, the price is the same whether you want to share your class with family, friends or colleagues (up to 4 people) or have a one to one lesson. At the first class please bring block payment fees by cash.


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