Strong Women Yoga

Benefits of Strong Women Yoga Class:

✌ Creates an environment of clarity and self exploration
✌ Tones body as well as promoting body flexibility.
✌ Reconnect us naturally with our femininity and intuition.
✌ This class supports our cyclycal needs as woman. No matter what stage of your cycle or life you are at.
✌ During your moon cycle (period) this class will nurture your body and emotions.
Increases circulation to your organs.
✌ Supports a healthy immune system and supports the body in detoxifying.
✌ Improved the function of your digestive system.
✌ Brings peace and vitality.

The stronger your body the stronger you feel emotionally. Whether you are a teenager, adult, mother or a grandmother this yoga class in central/west London will help you strengthen and build your muscles, as well as connecting and activating your body to make it stronger and fill it up with vitality.

Through years of practice and teaching yoga, Nina has developed a yoga sequence that is feminine and strong at the same time. It’s not about getting big and muscly, its about toning, feeling strong, womanly and empowered.

Group class schedule

Class runs every Monday 19:30 -20:30 at Egoist Body Studios, Central  London

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Private Classes

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